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Who Is "Cheerful Persistency"?

I created Cheerful Persistency to share my experiences, learnings, and proven tactics that successfully helped grow many small creative and marketing agencies over the last 20 years. I truly love the "Cheerful Persistency" it takes to leverage existing relationships and make new connections to drive business growth. I truly get excited about the 10th email, InMail, or phone call to finally get a conversation going with prospects. I can teach you simple, straightforward way to make these activities less stressful, more fun, and most importantly, get you the sales and growth results you want! I've helped grow agencies at an average of 30% YOY growth by a strategic plan of individual outreach, organic growth strategies, and persistent outreach and follow-up activities.

Lissa Blackaby Forsterer


Cheerful Persistency, LLC

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