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"Leveraging Relationships to Drive Business Growth"

6 Week Online Boot Camp

Boot Camp Overview

This virtual bootcamp is designed for the agency owner and/or key account manager who "know all the things I should be doing" to support agency growth, but just aren't getting to them. This bootcamp is a great refresher and guidance on making outreach and follow-up a priority in your day-to-day schedule. 


Phase 1: Getting Started

  • Develop your Agency Growth Plan

  • Audit current clients and identify new opportunities

  • Define your desired new clients, ideal service offering, and revenue growth goals


Phase 2: Relationships and Messaging

  • Identify your warm contacts you have at the target companies and any prior relationships/work history

  • Create your Priority Outreach Activity Tracker of brands/companies

  • Identify warm relationships that align with your Agency Growth Plan target brands/companies

  • Develop your outreach messaging


Phase 3: Outreach and Follow Up

Create a Weekly Action Plan to support consistent relationship building, outreach and follow up with existing clients and prospects.

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