We all know the power of relationships in business. They are essential to not only keep current clients, but also to grow and gain new clients. But are you maximizing the power of your existing relationships? Outreach and follow-up doesn't come naturally to most people, even though they know how important it is to do to build a network and stay connected. Its easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and not make time to consistently stay in touch with your core network. Do any of the thoughts below ring true? If so, let's talk!


  • Are you struggling with consistent new business outreach and follow-up?

  • Are your current new business efforts getting you the results you desire? 

  • Are you working with the clients you want to work with? 

  • Is your team trained in the tactics to be successful in new business relationship development? 

  • Does the thought of sending another email or making one more phone call to someone who hasn't responded to you make your hands sweat?

Whether you need a quick "refresher" on the basics or want a longer term coaching program, we can help you take control of your proactive agency growth efforts. 

"Lissa's experience, knowledge, and insights helped us make some simple adjustments in our new business activities, leading to new projects and clients. She's the "real deal"! Kent L, Digital Marketing Agency Owner

"This coaching program was the "refresher" we were looking for. It got us focused on reconnecting with our network to proactively get us talking with our target new business brands, thus leading us to the new clients/projects we were yearning for."  Kate H, Creative Agency Owner