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Agency Growth Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

I work with small creative agency owners to gain the confidence and skills to manage a consistent new business program to support a healthy new business pipeline.


Hello! My name is Lissa Blackaby Forsterer, founder of Cheerful Persistency. After successfully helping grow many small creative agencies over the last 20+ years, I now work with agency's to teach them the "Cheerful Persistency" skills needed to nurture relationships to drive agency growth and maintain a healthy network of industry peers and prospects. 

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Leverage Relationships to Drive Business Growth

The power of relationships in business is essential to not only retain current clients, but also to grow and gain new clients. Relationship building and nurturing takes time and consistency but often falls by the wayside when the agency gets busy. Learning to make this a habit that you actually enjoy and practice regularly is key to agency growth.

I work with agencies in a few different ways depending on where they are at with their agency growth needs, challenges, and goals.

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Agency Growth Coaching

This coaching program is designed for an agency that needs to develop the strategies and tactics to manage an active new business growth plan. Agency Growth Coaching outcomes:

- Strategic Agency Growth plan
- Proactive prospecting training

- Authentic and personalized outreach messaging
- Strategic network building and nurturing skills


Price: Custom pricing provided based on agency's specific needs.


Agency Growth Bootcamp

This 1/2 day bootcamp is designed for agencies that are experienced with new business, but need to jumpstart organic growth and re-energize proactive prospecting. Agency Growth Bootcamp outcomes:

- Agency Growth Blueprint

- Organic Growth Action Plan

- Proactive Prospecting Plan

- Network and Relationship Building Action Plan

- Authentic Outreach Messaging Frameworks

Price: $450/person

Can include up to five people from your agency. 20% off for ThinkNW Members.

You may choose a virtual 1/2 day or 3 part one-hour series. Includes two 30 minute follow-up Q/A sessions.

Agency Growth Strategy Sessions

Think of me as your "on demand" new business coach. These prepaid blocks of time can be used when you need an outside perspective to provide solutions and ideas to quickly solve any new business challenge.

Prepaid packages:

5 hours: $1,000

10 hours: $1,900 (5% discount)

15 hours: $2,700 (10% discount)

20 hours: $3,400 (15% discount)


Fractional Proactive Prospecting

Need help jumpstarting your proactive prospecting efforts? Based upon a clearly defined list of target new companies, I will manage the outbound proactive prospecting efforts for you.

Price: $TBD

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